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Early Careers recruitment

For your business to achieve future success, you need the best talent. That starts in the classroom. We’re uncovering the most ambitious and promising young people today, to lead your business tomorrow.

Discovering your
future leaders

We recruit excellence at all levels.

That’s why we seek out the most ambitious and brightest students - across schools and universities - with our unique Classroom to Boardroom recruitment model. We are the experts in Early Careers talent acquisition, with more than ten years of experience in successfully discovering and recruiting young talent into businesses. We discover, assess, match and mentor students from the grassroots to ensure you have the best talent for your team.

At Dartmouth, we think beyond the job placement. We nurture lifelong partnerships and strategically solve organisational problems. We place the top junior candidates in the right roles to ensure your long-term company success

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How the Early Careers
team can help you

  • Our network
  • End-to-end talent acquisition
  • Consulting support

Our network scope

Our network of candidates is unrivalled in its excellence and breadth of source. Through our Classroom to Boardroom Foundation we are able to find the brightest, most promising talent from underrepresented secondary schools. We help these ambitious young people who often lack the opportunity to demonstrate their excellence, realise their potential.

We have established relationships with leading UK universities, US colleges, and European business schools. Our teams are actively involved on campus with the help of our ambassador network to support student access, provide them with career insights and proactively build our network on a year-round basis.

We partner with over 150 student-run societies and leverage these networks to host dedicated workshops, events and information sessions on behalf of our clients. Invite-only sessions raise our client’s brand on-campus, increase awareness amongst under-represented groups and help to educate and upskill the future generation of talent entering the industry.

Our student outreach attracts top talent, and each year, we receive more than 40,000 CVs and conduct close to 8,000 interviews. We place the best and brightest into apprenticeships, internships and graduate positions.

End-to-end talent acquisition

We know your time is valuable, so we take care of the full hiring process for you. We help with your specific needs, from strategy and programme design, through to  CV screening and interviewing, and ad-hoc business-specific support.

We conduct detailed testing, including technical and competency-based two-way interviews. We assess each candidate’s potential by testing based on the needs of your team, the company, culture, and role.

To ensure the most efficient outcome for you, we have developed our own Applicant Tracking System. This proprietary technology is white-labelled to build your brand and ensure a streamlined candidate experience. Our ATS provides unparalleled data capture and effective process management.

We run results-driven marketing campaigns for our clients, including social media, career events, and on-campus advertising. Our team is on-hand to advise on and assist with your marketing and attraction efforts and take that proposition to campus.

Consulting support

Our experience is broad and deep and we can tailor our support to suit specific pain-points in your Early Careers talent acquisition strategy and process. Our expertise allows us to offer bespoke market and consulting advice. We can assist with creating entire apprenticeship, internship and graduate programmes, advising on content specifically tailored towards early career engagement.

We partner with exceptional companies and want to help you thrive in your field. We offer market-leading unconscious bias training through activities such as DEI workshops and assessor briefings.

To ensure you stay current with the nuances of your industry, we create comprehensive reports ranging from salary guides to a market-leading Gen Z Hiring Report. This provides us with first-hand insights into the changing attitudes and priorities of junior talent and informs our year-on-year early careers strategy.

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Early Careers
recruitment team

Our screening process

Our selection process is demanding and detailed. It needs to be; we receive thousands of applications for each role. We save you time by thoroughly screening all candidates, only progressing those who we’ve assessed to be the best skilled, and most aligned with your company culture.

When hiring your Early Careers candidates, we work with the following process.

Stage 1


Stage 2


Stage 3


Stage 4


Stage 5


Stage 6


Final stage



We find and mentor the best candidates for the requirements of your role.
We may already have the perfect candidate in our network before you’ve even promoted the position.


We try to meet all of our candidates in person.
We take the time to understand their goals, skills and potential to ensure we match them with the most suitable roles.


We conduct a range of challenging English, Maths and Psychometric tests.
These vary depending on your needs and required job-specific skill sets.


Only once the assessments present a potential match will we share a candidate’s CV.
You will review your shortlist with our guiding notes and decide who you wish to proceed to the interview stage.


We arrange all interviews for your convenience and help candidates prepare to ensure the best outcome.
We’ll debrief you after each stage, requesting candidate feedback and in turn sharing any we receive from them.


Congratulations! We’ve found your top-performing candidate and will inform them the job is theirs.
We can help to negotiate the contract and any offer conditions.


We’re always on hand to support, providing market insights and advise you.
Our team is by your side whenever you’re looking to hire.

What our clients
are saying

“The Dartmouth team has assisted us over a number of years in growing our team across a variety of sectors and at all levels of seniority. They are our closest recruitment partner by a long way. If a potential candidate asks me to recommend a firm to help them with their career, I would only ever recommend Dartmouth Partners.”


Private Financial Services firm

“I’ve worked with Dartmouth on both graduate and ad hoc hiring for the past seven years. The calibre of candidates, level of service, and the team’s market knowledge means they are a truly valued recruitment partner we thoroughly enjoy working with.”

Senior HR Business Partner

Global Asset Manager

“Dartmouth has been running our Graduate and Intern recruitment programmes since 2020. The programmes have been highly successful, and we have been very pleased with both the quality of recruits and the retention levels. In addition, we have heard a lot of positive candidate feedback on the process, not just from successful applicants but also from those that have been rejected, which has helped to promote a positive image of our firm on campus.”


Investment Banking


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