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Hiring in a hot market

How can your business stand out from the crowd in a candidate-led market?

The Great Resignation or The Great Reshuffle?

The Great Reshuffle is bringing mass change to businesses across the world. How can you make sure your firm doesn’t suffer from a mass exodus and ensure you benefit during this era of innovation and potential.

Attraction and the hiring landscape as the world opens up

Director of HR, Kate Blunt met with Personio CPO, Ross Seychell, and Head of People at Accel, Chloe Palmer to discuss the hiring landscape at present and the trends impacting the HR industry.

Managing a job offer in the current market

Dartmouth’s Tamara McCallum discusses the nuances of managing a job offer in the current market and what to consider when making your decision.

Beginning your next job search

What to consider before starting your next job search?

How can blind recruitment practices remove unconscious bias

How does unconscious bias implicate recruitment processes?

US vs. UK law firms: the key differences

What are the main differences between US and UK law firms for Associates?

Socioeconomic diversity: hiring and inclusion from a diverse and untapped talent pool

Hiring and inclusion from a diverse and untapped talent pool – why do it? Listen to experts in the field and why it’s so important it’s embedded into our everyday practices going forward.

Investment Banking Compensation Report 2021

Did the bonuses this Summer do enough to keep junior bankers where they are?