Many of our directors have worked in Investment Banking themselves and have firsthand knowledge of what the best talent should look like, further deepening our market-leading expertise.

We hire from Analyst to Senior Vice President level within Advisory, including M&A, Leveraged Finance, Equity Research and ECM.

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Logan Naidu

Logan Naidu CEO

Kathryn Pride Executive Director, Credit

Kate Blunt Director, Human Resources

Alex Croft Director, M&A - Paris

Steven Hayes Director, Human Resources

Malin Hagerman Director, Private Equity & M&A - Nordics

Tom Lamb Director, Change & Transformation

Krys Napora Director, Human Resources

Felix Hasted Associate Director, M&A

Victoria Johnston Associate Director, Human Resources

Elena Agnifili Principal, Private Equity & M&A, Frankfurt

Nina Katrine Andersen Principal, Private Equity & M&A - Nordics

Gareth Jones Principal, Credit

Raees Mahmood Principal, M&A


Francesca Stramotas Principal, Early Careers

Jamie Walker Principal, Change & Transformation

Hugo Chevron Consultant, M&A - Paris

Holly Domjan Consultant, Credit

Lilli Gruendl Consultant, Private Equity & M&A - Frankfurt

Nick Hesketh Consultant, M&A

Charlotte Hughes Consultant, Advisory - Paris

Daniel Kovac

Daniel Kovacs Consultant, Human Resources- Frankfurt

Amelia Mackrill Consultant, Human Resources

Tamara McCallum Consultant, Credit

Nicola McGuane Consultant, Credit

Giorgia Rosson Consultant, Private Equity & M&A - Frankfurt

Jessie Swinfield Consultant, Human Resources

Inès Ahdidou Associate, M&A - Paris

Eloise Barrett Associate, Human Resources

Clara Brambilla Associate, Early Careers

Andrea Briese Associate, Private Equity & M&A - Frankfurt

Isabella Brunvall Associate, M&A - Nordics

Arianna Gotopo Associate, Private Equity & M&A - Frankfurt

Jessica Grout Associate, M&A

John Hevita

John Ndjisira Hevita Associate, Private Equity - New York

Tristan Kong Associate, Change & Transformation

Sukvinder Kumari Associate, M&A

Harriet Lane Associate, Human Resources

Emy Lindahl Associate, Private Equity & M&A - Nordics

Bailey McGrady Associate, Human Resources

Liyana Reza Associate, M&A

Joel Sharpe Associate, Credit

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