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We’re energetic, intelligent, creative problem solvers who spend our days helping our clients and candidates thrive. Together, we’re Team Dartmouth.

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Logan Naidu

Logan Naidu CEO

Darren Sookramanien

Darren Sookramanien CFO

Tim Webster

Tim Webster COO

Elena Barclay

Elena Barclay Managing Director

Will Lambeth

Will Lambeth Managing Director

Terri Loska

Terri Loska Managing Director

Anne Siew Managing Director

James Wakefield

James Wakefield Group Head of International

Lizzie Louis Executive Director, Early Careers

Richard Madgwick Executive Director, Strategy

Kathryn Pride Executive Director, Credit

Jonathan Beall Director, M&A

Alex Croft Director, M&A - Paris

Will Cummings Director, CFO

Steven Hayes Director, Human Resources

Malin Hagerman Director, M&A - Nordics

Elliot Jackson Director, Legal

Tom Lamb Director, Change & Transformation

Andy Miller Director, Private Equity

Krys Napora Director, Human Resources

Jo Stone Director, Equities

Marcus Williams Director, Finance FS

Stuart Wilson Director, Private Equity

Daisy Forden-Keech Associate Director, Private Equity - New York

Felix Hasted Associate Director, M&A

Victoria Johnston Associate Director, Human Resources

Jason Shaw Associate Director, CFO

William Wemyss Associate Director, Strategy

Elena Agnifili Principal, Private Equity & M&A, Frankfurt

Phil Browning Principal, Change & Transformation

Alex Chappelow Principal, Early Careers

Calum Hampson Jones Principal, CFO

Mathilda Johnston-Jones Principal, Early Careers

Gareth Jones Principal, Credit

Raees Mahmood Principal, M&A

Tom Orr Principal, Strategy

Bikram Rana Principal, Equities

Christopher Stringer Principal, Finance FS

Chris White Principal, Human Resources

Nina Katrine Andersen Consultant, M&A - Nordics

Lucinda Bolton Consultant, Private Equity

Francia Burkohl

Francia Buhrkohl Consultant, Accounting & Finance - Frankfurt

Valentin Chabault Consultant, Consulting - Paris

Hugo Chevron Consultant, M&A - Paris

Marcel Coquerand Consultant, Private Equity

charlotte hay

Charlotte Hay Consultant, Legal

Holly Domjan Consultant, Credit

Emma Harrison Consultant, Equities

Cadell Heller Consultant, Legal

Nick Hesketh Consultant, M&A

Daniel Kovac

Daniel Kovacs Consultant, Human Resources- Frankfurt

Emily Leslein Consultant, Early Careers

Tamara McCallum Consultant, Credit

Nicola McGuane Consultant, Credit

Helen Semhar Tesfalem Consultant, Private Equity & M&A - Frankfurt

will munn

Will Munn Consultant, Early Careers

anisha parmar, early careers, dartmouth partners

Anisha Parmar Consultant, Early Careers

Daniel Peace Consultant, Private Equity

Mohammed Zahir Consultant, M&A - Frankfurt

James Skeath Consultant, CFO


Francesca Stramotas Consultant, Early Careers

Charlie Warner Consultant, Private Equity

Ciara Browne Associate, Private Equity

Isabella Brunvall Associate, M&A - Nordics

Anna Clarke Associate, Private Equity

Lauren Croucher Associate, Private Equity

Robbie Cooper Associate, Equities & Distribution

Rachael Eddom Associate, Strategy

Grace Fincham Associate, Strategy

Emma Gloyne Associate, Private Equity - Paris

Jessica Grout Associate, M&A

Lilli Gruendl Consultant, Private Equity & M&A - Frankfurt

Harriet Lane Associate, Human Resources

Emy Lindahl Associate, Private Equity & M&A - Nordics

Izzy Mackellar Associate, Early Careers

Bailey McGrady Associate, Human Resources

Georgina Meahan Associate, CFO

Toby Morris Associate, Change & Transformation

Coline Moster Associate, Change & Transformation

Jose Narciso Associate, Consulting

Polina Naumova Associate, Legal

Chris Ponton Associate, Equities

Giorgia Rosson

Giorgia Rosson Associate, Private Equity & M&A - Frankfurt

Joel Sharpe Associate, Credit

Mariana Simoes Associate, Early Careers

Alex Stone Associate, Early Careers

Stephen Tue Associate, Early Careers

Vinisha Khemaney Associate Intern, Early Careers

Louis Dall'Occo Group Head of FP&A

Michelle Lind Head of Marketing

Jo Martin Head of Performance & Development

Denise Doyle Operations Manager

Sade Obafusi Financial Controller

Daisy Catterall Talent Acquisition Consultant

Lea Lazarescou Performance & Development Consultant

Ally Sheane Performance & Development Consultant

Zoe Rice Marketing Executive

Mary Jo Wood Operations Consultant

Tobi Omotosho Assistant Accountant