About us

Dartmouth Partners is an award-winning recruitment consultancy. We find and recruit the best and brightest, from the smartest graduates to the most distinguished leaders.

We empower businesses and individuals to create thriving futures,
by championing excellence and improving access to intelligence.

We’re not a typical recruitment business. We focus on identifying the
world’s greatest candidates. We’re known for embedding individuals
with an outstanding academic or professional background into firms
who understand that hiring the finest talent is vital to stay competitive
and succeed.

Driven to succeed

Already, we’re the chosen advisor to over 400 firms. We’re incredibly proud of all that we’re achieving for our clients and candidates. But our ambitions don’t stop there.

We’re committed to becoming the industry’s most trusted advisor, renowned for creating and nurturing exceptional, innovative client partnerships.

Making a difference is what motivates us. We’re on a mission to build a thriving future for businesses and individuals by championing excellence and improving access to intelligence.

We believe in success for everyone: our clients, our candidates and the Dartmouth team. Our core values – excellence, partnership, knowledge, diversity and kindness – are making that a reality.



We pursue and uphold excellence in all that we do. As a firm, we’re relentlessly focused on offering the best service around. We find and recruit exceptional individuals, using expertise and approaches that far exceed what other firms offer.



We’re in recruitment for the long term, to create and evolve a company that shapes and leads the sector. The same goes for our relationships with clients and talent – they’re enduring. We nurture partnerships, continually sharing data, insight and actionable advice.



Problem solving is a complex, organic process. Our people keep their eyes and ears open at all times, discovering fresh talent, new connections, industry news, and broader trends. That’s how we act strategically, and help our clients stay future-proof and compelling.



High achievers can come from any walk of life. At Dartmouth, it’s a given that a mix of identities, experiences and points of view enriches businesses. It’s our responsibility to do what it takes to find diverse talent for our clients.



We treat all people with respect and kindness. That’s how positive relationships are forged and reputations are made. Our team enjoy each other’s company at work and at play. Most importantly, we always stay connected to our mission and our integrity.


In an increasingly connected world, what goes around comes around. We’re committed to the highest quality recruitment, not short term fixes. And we believe in being impartial and honest with clients and candidates alike. For us, success is only meaningful and sustainable when it’s shared.

We’re growing fast

Thanks to our energy, innovation, and outstanding reputation, Dartmouth is evolving at pace. We now have a Frankfurt and Paris office, and American expansion is next. Our team is set to break 100 in 2021.


Each year, eight children in an average class will leave primary school unable to read well. These children will often struggle in school, and beyond.

When a child can navigate words, they can navigate the world. That’s why Dartmouth have partnered with Bookmark, to help children develop the reading skills they need to succeed by creating flexible volunteering at the heart of our communities.

The Bookmark app matches schools with fully safeguarded, vetted and trained reading volunteers in the local community, at the tap of a button. Each volunteer delivers one-to-one reading sessions for a six-week programme with a child who needs extra help with their reading. For the children who need us, we’re changing their story.


Meet our team

Our team is a vibrant mix of personalities and perspectives, all united by our commitment to recruiting excellence.

Logan Naidu

Logan Naidu CEO

Darren Sookramanien

Darren Sookramanien CFO

Tim Webster

Tim Webster COO

Elena Barclay

Elena Barclay Managing Director

Will Lambeth

Will Lambeth Managing Director

Terri Loska

Terri Loska Managing Director

Join us

Like the businesses we partner with, we know that hiring great people is crucial to our success. We only employ consultants with the unique combination of grit, skill and belief that immediately says ‘Dartmouth’.

If you’re a sharp thinker and brilliant communicator with a true commitment
to championing excellence in recruitment, we want to hear from you.


What our clients say

“I’m extremely pleased with the care Dartmouth has taken regarding our graduate hiring. Through Mathilda’s hard-work and dedication, we’ve seen a high level of success that will make a real impact throughout our business.”

Graham Paton

COO & Managing Director,
Stephens Europe

“During our hiring process, the Dartmouth team really took the time to understand our unique business needs. More importantly though, I have been thoroughly impressed with his integrity. It gives me confidence for an exceptional, long-lasting relationship.”

Samantha Roberts

HR Director,
Cognosis Consultancy

“I’ve used the Dartmouth team close to a 100 times. You get a great combination of big firm scale and market coverage, with the hunger and bedside manner of a boutique.”

Mark Toogood

Senior Manager,
BMO Financial Group

“I’ve used Dartmouth for most of my career moves to date, including law to bulge bracket bank then to boutique specialist tech M&A firm. I now use the team to source analysts. I’d wholeheartedly recommend them, whichever side of the recruitment process you’re on.”

David Bell

Investment Banking

“One of the best recruitment firms I’ve worked with. Logan is very reliable and knows the industry extremely well. He genuinely cares about his clients and does his best to support them.”

Verona Zhou

Investment Analyst,
Headway Capital Partners

“Working with Dartmouth was a great experience. The team are very efficient and professional, and always on point with brilliant communication. I recommend them highly.”

Nikos Fikiris

Barclays Investment Bank

“If you’re working with Dartmouth, you know you’re in good hands. Logan is a results-driven professional and has repeatedly gone above and beyond during our time working together.”

Karl Mrowiec

Investment Banker,
Dean Street Advisers

“The team took a great interest in my success. The application process was completely unique to any other I’ve experienced. Dartmouth encouraged me to improve at every stage, with comprehensive feedback and advice.”

Jack Cross

Graduate Candidate

“Dartmouth were fantastic throughout the recruiting process and flawlessly enabled a smooth transition between roles. All with a “human touch” – an extremely valuable asset in the sometimes formulaic world of headhunting.”

Alexander Gill

Centerview Partners

“I’ve used Dartmouth to hire analyst through director level, as well as to find positions for myself. The team takes the time to understand your needs and only show relevant roles/candidates. Highly recommend”

Rob Cockcroft

Exec Director,
Sapient Corporate Finance