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How to build a business worth investing in

Group CEO, Logan Naidu discusses with Co-Founder of Literacy Capital, Paul Pindar about the factors needed to make a recruitment business attractive to an investor.

Group CEO, Logan Naidu named as one of The LDC Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders.

CEO, Logan Naidu has been named in the Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders for 2021 by the LDC.

Dartmouth’s Private Equity Hiring Report 2021

Beyond national lockdowns, what were the other impacts on hiring trends across the private equity sector?

Diversity in Private Equity

How has the industry moved to match the changing diversity landscape.

Expectations of Gen Z during recruitment processes

What consists of a ‘good’ recruitment process when hiring junior to mid-level talent?

Why Consultants make the move into Private Equity

What are the motivating factors for Consultants switching into Private Equity?

Dartmouth’s Gen Z Hiring & Retention Report 2021

What are the new trends and priorities amongst Gen Z in 2021?

How international experience can benefit your CV

The new sets of skills and insights you gain with international experience.

How to build a recruitment business worth investing in

An advisor, an investor and a CEO give insight into how to build a recruitment business that’s attractive to investors.