From Morgan Stanley investment banker to successful entrepreneur: How to pivot your career with May Busch


Former Morgan Stanley European COO, May Busch, discusses her career journey and how to navigate a career change.


May Busch, former European COO of Morgan Stanley, discusses her career journey and how to assess when the time is right to make your next move.

May enjoyed a twenty-four-year career at Morgan Stanley, spanning continents and multiple different business roles, which culminated in her taking over as COO for all of Europe. Since embarking on a career as an entrepreneur, May authored “Accelerate: 9 Capabilities to Achieve Success at Any Career Stage” and also founded and hosted Career Mastery Summits, which have successfully brought together over twenty thousand career professionals.

In this episode, May shares her insights and experiences with Dartmouth Managing Director, Anne Siew on career choices, navigation, leadership, and making a difference.


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