How to build a recruitment business worth investing in


An advisor, an investor and a CEO give insight into how to build a recruitment business that's attractive to investors.

When 82% of staffing & recruitment businesses in the industry are sub-10 people and less than 0.1% of companies receive institutional backing, the path to investment can feel like a mountain to climb.

In this podcast, our expert panel, Paul Pindar of Literacy Capital plc, Richard MacMillan, Jeremy Furniss of Arrowpoint Advisory, and our Group CEO Logan Naidu, will provide you with the blueprint you need to join the small fraction of businesses that receive multi-million pound investment.

We’ll delve into the reason many businesses sell at a price tag far less than originally anticipated and how can you reposition your business to ensure it’s attractive for investment or a sale.

For those building a career in the recruitment industry, you’ll find out how can you tell if you’ve joined one of the few firms who will make it to the top of the mountain.

Whether you’re looking to take your business through a corporate event or you’re looking to understand the potential opportunities available to you by working in a high-growth, high-potential business, you’ll walk away with a deep and nuanced understanding of the key identifiers of staffing firms that are built for success.

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