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Diversity should not be an afterthought, but a priority. At Dartmouth, this is something that is intrinsic to our business and a core value. It dictates how we operate and we believe it’s our responsibility to do what it takes to find diverse talent for our clients.

And while to us, diversity includes ethnicity, race, socioeconomic, sexual orientation and gender, today is International Women's Day so we're celebrating the brilliant women we work with to promote a more gender-balanced world. Meet some of the incredibly hard-working women of Dartmouth below.

Janu Shah, Associate, Strategy & Corporate Development

I graduated from university and after volunteering abroad, I stepped straight into recruitment. At University I studied Marketing and soon realised it wasn’t for me. I chose recruitment because I wanted to try something different and the career appealed to me as I like having variety in my day.

At Dartmouth, I get to work directly with people, both clients, and candidates, and the overall satisfaction in helping someone find a job is next to none (client satisfaction is pretty great too!).

While still new to recruitment, the training, help from my colleagues and the ability to drive my own learning has helped me to become confident in candidate generation as well as liaising with clients. My ambition is to grow with the company, develop my skills and be better in what I do each and every day.

"The advice I would give to anyone starting out is to be
confident and learn by practice, the more you push yourself,
the easier it gets!"

Terri Loska, Director, Graduates

Like most people, I didn’t plan to go into recruitment. Coming out of university with a Classics degree just as the credit crunch hit was bad timing, and I was working long hours in a bar when a friend suggested that I give it a try and see if I enjoyed it.

What drew me to recruitment is that it’s such a great mix of fast-paced, challenging work and strategic thinking - on the one hand, I get to talk to clients about their aspirations for their business and to advise on the best way to get there, and on the other I’m meeting bright young graduates looking for their first role.

Dartmouth has provided a lot of training and support over the years, and - because it’s a small business - is an environment where it’s possible to raise concerns or address challenges quickly, and to be heard when support is needed. There are also lots of opportunities for people to step up along the way, so if you’re a high achiever then it’s a place where your career can move quickly.

Looking forward, I’d like to see my team grow and develop - there’s so much potential out there, and I think that the team we have now is capable of great things. I myself would like to get more involved in some of the more strategic aspects of Dartmouth’s growth - I’ve spent the last ten years helping our clients to build their businesses, now I’d like to focus on ours!

"Treat recruitment as the chance to build your own business. This isn’t a 9-5 job, and if you’re killing time to get to the end of the day then this probably isn’t right for you. If you want to take responsibility for your own career trajectory and pace then recruitment will give you more opportunities than anywhere else."


Mathilda Johnston-Jones, Consultant, Graduates

I began my career directly after university (2 weeks!!), and came straight to Dartmouth. I chose recruitment because I like knowing that I’m making a real impact on people every day, getting those we work with their dream job is a cool feeling. At Dartmouth, I've been given so much responsibility and exposure it that I otherwise wouldn't have gotten this early on in my career. I feel really lucky to have developed so quickly, with my career developing at the same rate.

My main ambition is to become a Principal as soon as possible, looking at how quickly Lizzie did it really inspires me and I want to be managing main client accounts and developing these relationships strategically which means having a real impact on businesses and their hiring plans.

The constant support from the team at Dartmouth and L&D has meant that I have grown a lot in terms of my skill-set but also been given a lot of independence – going out to meet clients by myself forced me to grow not only in my career but as a person. Being trusted with important meetings by senior management with them having confidence in you every step of the way really helps you to believe in yourself. My advice to anyone entering recruitment would be to take every opportunity, go to every meeting, take every call that comes through.

"There’s always new people to meet, new companies to learn about and new industries to explore and so the potential to keep learning is massive, if you make the most of it ."

Elena Barclay, Director

I began my career in recruitment completely by accident! I don’t know many people who grew up wanting to be a headhunter. I joined a start-up on its first day which happened to be a search firm. I had no idea what the job was going to entail but I wanted to learn about setting up a business and realised quickly how much I liked it.

What I love most about recruitment is the variety of the job and ability to meet and consult incredibly interesting and impressive people. No two days are the same, whether you are meeting a client to talk about how they can create a more diverse team or coaching a candidate through an offer, you are in the middle of very important and life-changing decisions for people.

I joined Dartmouth very early in my career and it gave me an amazing learning platform. I have had opportunities here that might not have come so quickly at other companies, such as opening an office in Frankfurt at 25. I’m not sure many places would have given that responsibility to someone, which I hugely appreciate. Every idea at Dartmouth is listened to, which lots of businesses say and few actually practise.

"If you’re looking to start a career in recruitment, do it! It’s one of very few jobs where your hard work is so clearly rewarded and gives you the ability to grow and develop at such a speed."


Daisy Forden-Keech, Consultant, Private Equity

I graduated from Durham with a degree in Music, so it’s safe to say recruitment probably wasn’t the obvious career path for me! The reason I chose to move into this industry is that it is one of the only career paths where you are given the chance to independently run your own desk - essentially your own mini-business within a business, irrespective of your level, from the outset. Being able to build your client portfolio and offer valuable insights to these firms is incredibly rewarding.

I began my career at Badenoch & Clark, one of the world’s largest recruiters and I joined Dartmouth in 2017. Moving from a 200 person floor to a 30 person office was definitely a surprise! As it turns out, this was one of the best decisions I’ve made; working as part of a smaller organisation meant instantly more responsibility - there was nowhere to hide and I immediately felt that each decision I made had more impact - I’ve loved having that accountability. We’ve grown considerably as a business since the start of 2017, but have managed to retain that entrepreneurial culture which is integral to Dartmouth.

Looking forward, for me that means living and working abroad. The chance to experience a new culture and a different way of working, be that in Europe or further afield has always been my long term goal.

Dartmouth has been really supportive of this goal. Last year I seconded to our Frankfurt office for a few months which was a fantastic experience. Having the chance to live by myself in a new city was great for my personal development. Really, this is just the beginning - Dartmouth has big plans to internationalise and open new offices, there are so many new opportunities on the horizon!

Catherine Cornwall, Principal, Traditional Asset & Wealth Management

After a 14 year career in Asset Management I wanted to change my career away from Client Services and into something more challenging, commercial and fast paced that allowed me to work directly with clients and make a difference. Recruitment wasn’t the obvious choice at first, but after being approached to join a boutique firm that recruited on the buy-side, I decided to take the leap. It has turned out to be the best career decision I could have made.

My career started in Investment Management, working for Legal and General in Cardiff. I worked my way up from a client service associate to a team manager within a few years, and continued to progress my management career at the firm. Upon relocating to London I joined global asset manager Invesco before moving into recruitment.

My ambition is simple; to be happy and successful in a career where I can add value. I firmly believe that if you are serving others and adding value, and you focus on being happy and grounded, the money will follow!

Dartmouth is an exceptional firm with a great culture. It’s easy to be the best professional version of yourself when you’re surrounded by the right people.

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