Standing out in an interview process


Ways to help you progress further in your next job search.


The idea of beginning your next job search can sound more daunting than it truly is. Often, candidates are put off applying for new opportunities due to fears of going through the interview process and not standing out over their competition. Our specialists have compiled a list of essential actions to take when starting your next job search, what you can do to make your CV memorable to who’s reading it, and what actions to take during the interviewing process to put your best foot forward.

Ensure your CV matches the job

When it comes to your CV, one size does not fit all. Different jobs and sectors require varied approaches. Take the time to tailor your CV so it matches not only the job you’re applying for but the company too. Proof-read your CV and enlist a peer to proof-read it for you as well, their fresh perspective might spot something that you haven’t.

Know the traits that impress 

Some of these traits will be written in the job description, but you’ll have to go a bit further to find the ones that’ll make you stand out. They could be in the company’s core values or mission statements, or you might find them in articles written by the CEO or the person interviewing you. Dig deeper and look for things that are genuinely meaningful to you as this will come across more authentic.

Video interviewing

If you’re asked to do a video interview, carefully select where you’ll do it. Prior to your interview make sure your internet connection is strong, your surroundings are quiet with no distractions. You should also make sure you’re presented just like you would be if it was a normal face-to-face interview.

Ask questions

Always ask questions during an interview, it demonstrates your genuine interest in the role and the people you’re meeting. Have some questions prepared prior to your interview, but also take advantage of an opportunity to follow up and ask questions about something interesting your interviewer has just said. This will demonstrate your engagement and will enable you to get a stronger feel of the company, it’s culture, and goals.

Don’t be afraid to follow up

If you’re waiting to hear back after submitting your CV, follow up with an email. It will draw attention to your profile, bring your name to the top of the pile, and give you another opportunity to promote yourself. Same goes for after an interview, an email thanking the interviewer for their time will go a long way and also keep your name at the forefront of their minds.

Apply via a recruiter

Recruiters are here to help you, they know the industry, company, the role, and the interview process. They’re there to provide tips and guidance throughout the hiring process and most of the time they want you to get the role just as much as you do.

At Dartmouth, we pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and ability to provide our candidates with a quality service. Over the years, we have helped thousands of people to land their dream job. If you have any questions about your job search or if you decide a career change is your next move, contact us today or register for our job alerts.

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