Private Equity Perspectives 2019


Private Equity Perspectives is an industry-wide educational event aimed at diversifying the talent pool applying to private equity funds.


Private Equity is a continuously evolving industry in many ways, however at times can feel quite stagnant in encouraging diversity of talent and of thought. Since 2014, Dartmouth Partners has hosted industry and fund specific networking events across Frankfurt, London and Munich, resulting in a significant increase in the diversity of applicants and hiring at the firms we work with.

To build on our efforts even further, last Friday we hosted our first industry-wide educational event in Germany aimed at encouraging junior talent outside of the industry’s traditional hiring pool to consider a career in Private Equity.

For our flagship Private Equity Perspectives (PEP) event in Frankfurt, we partnered with 3i, Bridgepoint, Cinven, Permira, and Triton to provide insight into what a career in Private Equity could look like and how to maximise your chances of entering the industry at the ‘pre-decision’ point.

Chris Brackmann, Head of DACH at Bridgepoint and Michala Rudorfer, Principal at Permira, began our PEP event by giving first hand insight into the industry, and how juniors looking to break into the field can best prepare themselves for the processes involved. Following this, a moderated panel delivered by Florian Luther, Partner at Cinven which included participants from each of the funds, covered topics such as personal development, daily life, gender and skills diversity amongst a variety of other topics relevant to the PE universe.

Here are some tips from the event to help kickstart your career in Private Equity:

  • Be relevant. Make sure that your studies, internships and practical experiences are relevant to the path you want to take. Know your industry well and find out what is expected of you before applying, especially in terms of previous exposure and experience.
  • Over prepare. When it comes to applying and interviewing, you can never be too prepared. It can be difficult to set aside the time to do so during live deals and projects, however, if this is your long-term goal then you should be making time. Ensure you research the role, company and culture as in-depth as you can. Reaching out to your network will be more than helpful with this. Throughout any process, show as much interest as you can at every stage.
  • Timing. While it’s easy to say you’re ready to make the move to Private Equity, you must consider your technical abilities and interview strengths.
  • Choose wisely. There are a multitude of funds which massively vary regarding deal exposure, fund size, team size, culture and sector exposure. Which fund you chose will ultimately come down to your own goals for both professional and personal development.

There is no standard entry point, which is difficult, but it allows for you to evaluate what time frame best supports you and your long-term goals. Self-awareness and development should always be at the forefront of your decisions. If you are interested in learning more about events such as Private Equity Perspectives, please reach out to Daisy Hill via daisy.hill@dartmouthpartners or Joseph Wilson via joseph.wilson@dartmouthpartners in our Frankfurt based Private Equity team.


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