COVID-19: We stand together


When we model all the permutations our business can face, the coronavirus is not one of them.


I’m sure I know what you’re thinking, “not another COVID-19 message” – how many ways are there to say, it’s business as usual for us. I completely understand, I’ve received more than my fair share. I considered whether we had something to contribute and decided that while I didn’t want to add unnecessary noise, I did want to publicly give my team praise for how they’ve handled the recent changes.

We’re in a highly unusual situation of not seeing localised turbulence, but effectively a simultaneous global shut down. When we model all the permutations our business can face, the coronavirus is not one of them! Whilst it has been one of the hardest weeks we’ve faced as a business, it’s also been the most heartening. They say you know who your friends are when times are tough by who is standing next to you.

On Tuesday, I had to rally our team and deliver some tough messages, putting all that hard fought momentum we’d built as a business to one side to address a downside scenario. And even though it was a hard message to hear, I could look around me and see some real character shining through in our team. The number of supportive emails I’ve received internally, including people offering to take voluntary pay cuts to help others out, left me very touched. We’ve always said if we talk the talk, we’ve got to walk the walk, and the team did themselves proud. I’m glad they’re on my team.

Some of you will no doubt be facing similar situations and I hope that everyone pulls together in the same way. We will continue to support businesses and individuals in the way we do best; an open ear, hard work and hopefully some wise words. We have moved towards having only a skeleton team in the office and nearly everyone else working remotely. While the location in which we offer our support, both to our clients and our candidates might change, our commitment to a quality service that you can rely on won’t.

What does this mean for you? It means that we’re here 100% to take your calls, help support you through the next few months, and when the economy recovers, help you to build a team that is bigger and better than ever before. If you’re lucky, when the going gets tough, you’ll find them standing shoulder to shoulder with you.

I’ll end on one final note; this is a trying time, we all know that, but we are here for you – please do reach out, we’d love to offer our support.

All the best,

Logan Naidu,

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