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Five signs you need to start looking for a new role

A recent poll from Dartmouth’s LinkedIn identified a surprisingly high 68% of respondents are planning to make a career move in 2023. During this time of economic uncertainty, it is easy for individuals to be distracted from making the big decision. To help get you started, our recruitment specialists have shared five common signs that it is time to reconsider your current role.

1. You feel unfulfilled and not challenged

It’s natural for us to seek out challenges in our day-to-day activities. If your workload mirrors what it did a year ago, you’re finding it easy to complete projects or there is nothing stimulating about what you do, it’s likely you’ve become stagnant in your role. You may be the expert in your field but when you aren’t learning, motivation becomes hard, leaving you unfulfilled and not challenged. If you feel this way, it is time to look for a new role as boredom will not go away.

2. Capped career progression

If you feel you have hit a ceiling and there is a lack of opportunity for growth within the company it could be time to start looking for a new role. Other indicators could be you are not getting the training and development you need, or that your achievements are going unrecognised. Don't spend too long in a role that does not have clear career progression.

3. Your workplace isn't aligned with your core values

Your core values are things that you personally value the most. You might have more than one, but each will align with your overall beliefs. When we spend a large portion of our week at work, it’s vital that your company’s values mirror your own. At Dartmouth, we embed our core values, such as kindness and excellence, into our every day. It is important we champion our values to empower our clients, candidates, and team to create thriving futures. If you find yourself lowering your standards or ignoring what matters most to you, it's a clear indicator that your current company is not a match for the long-term.

4. You feel undervalued

Feeling underappreciated in your role or that your skills and work are lacking recognition will lead to a growing sense of resentment. Avoid this becoming a bigger issue and find somewhere that will reward the effort you put in. The more valuable you feel, the more value you will give back and creates a cycle of positive recognition.

5. 'It was a good job, it was well paid but it wasn't the job for me'

Feeling part of your company's culture is crucial to your overall job satisfaction. A positive culture enables you to be more productive, pro-active and motivated. Without this there are minimal reasons to stay where you are. 76% of respondents from our 2023 Gen Z Report* placed more value on a company’s culture than its brand recognition. When you’re unhappy at work, achieving the career progression you deserve is much harder. If you’ve been struggling to find fulfilment at work or enjoy the basics of your current role, it is time to look for a new job. Consider what you want to achieve from your career, in what timeframe, and start researching companies or industries where you believe your values align. Outside help from a professional firm such as Dartmouth can help you start the process of figuring out what is best for you, and will also provide guidance on how to approach leaving your current role. Contact our teams today to kickstart your career move in 2023.   *Request your copy of our latest Gen Z Hiring & Retention report, alongside our other upcoming 2023 reports.

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