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Beginning your next job search

Around this time of year, we typically see an influx of people re-evaluate their working situation and consider new opportunities, and with the hiring market proving its resilience over the last 12 months, there has never been a better time to consider the move. We’re also seeing pressure put on companies to bring more flexibility to their jobs. There’s been a shift in priorities where candidates don’t see flexible working as a benefit anymore, it’s a must and a stronger emphasis has been placed on the importance of work-life balance as more and more individuals continue to re-assess what’s most important to them. If you’re in a role that isn’t offering you the benefits you value most, why not find somewhere that will? Our experts have written a guide on how best to begin your next search, what to consider, and ways you can make the process easier.

• Assess your situation

Before beginning any new search, it’s vital to assess what you’re looking for in your next role. What is your current job not offering you? This could be the bigger things like salary or progression or the smaller aspects like company culture or fulfilment. Identifying your motivations will help narrow your search and avoid you wasting time and effort on opportunities that aren’t right for you.

• Lean on your network

Reach out to those around you to gather insights on the market and the industry you’re looking to work in; be it a recruiter, an ex-colleague, or someone who works in the sector. You’ll benefit from gaining a greater understanding of where you’re looking to move from someone who’s experienced it first-hand. Platforms like LinkedIn have made connecting with people in your industry more accessible and we typically find people are happy to offer their advice to someone interested in moving into their sector.

• Begin each application with a fresh slate

You don’t have to start a new CV for every role, it’s minor tweaks that can make the world of difference. If the company you’re applying to are asking for specific skills and experience, make sure you have these clearly flagged within your application.

• Work smart

A little time can go along way if you’re working efficiently, plan your day accordingly, and to your strengths. Rather than working all day and applying all-night – block some time out so you can dedicate yourself when you’re at your best. Don’t wait till the point of the day when you’re tired, you’ll see this effect the quality of your application.

• Approach each search with an open mind

Consider companies / locations you’d never really thought of before even if you don’t match the full criteria, don’t limit yourselves or your potential capabilities. Attend interviews and informal chats to get a better feel of the role and company, but if you progress through to the next round and you know it’s not the one for you – take yourself out of the competition. You’re ultimately saving both yours and the interviewers time, which they’ll appreciate.

• Follow up

After your interview, reach out to those you met, whether it’s to ask for feedback or simply pass on your thanks to the interviewer via your recruiter, this will show your interest in the role and keep communication channels open. If you’re dabbling with the idea of a new job and want to find out more about the market or you’re ready to take the plunge - have a look at our current roles or reach out to one of our specialists today – they’re here to help you begin your search.

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