Alternative Investment

We find brilliant individuals for roles in Public Equity,
Private Equity, Credit, and Global Macro.

Meet the specialists

Elena Barclay Managing Director

Kathryn Pride Director, Credit

Jo Stone Director, Equities

Stuart Wilson Director, Private Equity

Elena Agnifili Principal, Private Equity & M&A, Frankfurt

Daisy Forden-Keech Principal, Private Equity - New York

Gareth Jones Principal, Credit

Andy Miller Principal, Private Equity

Lucinda Bolton Consultant, Private Equity

Valentin Chabault Consultant, Consulting - Paris

Marcel Coquerand Consultant, Private Equity

Holly Domjan Consultant, Credit

Emma Harrison Consultant, Equities

Tamara McCallum Consultant, Credit

Nicola McGuane Consultant, Credit

Daniel Peace Consultant, Private Equity

Charlie Warner Consultant, Private Equity

Bikram Rana Senior Associate, Equities

Ciara Browne Associate, Private Equity

Isabella Brunvall Associate, M&A - Nordics

Anna Clarke Associate, Private Equity

Lauren Croucher Associate, Private Equity

Lilli Gruendl Associate, Private Equity & M&A - Frankfurt

Emma Gloyne Associate, Private Equity - Paris

Joel Sharpe Associate, Credit

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