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Compensation Report

Complete bonus and base salary compensation figures from M&A Analyst to VP level at the bulge bracket banks.

Data you can trust.

Unlike other reports on the market, the Dartmouth Investment Banking Compensation Report is built through conversations with bankers using real bonus and base salary figures to show total compensation packages.

Our insights extend beyond the figures and dives into morale and retention and hiring plans across the bulge bracket banks.

2022 Key highlights:

  • An entry level banker can now expect to earn a base salary of £63,000 on average, up 26% from the prior year.
  • Junior bankers can expect to earn a bonus of £107,000 up 20% from the prior year.
  • VPs can expect to earn a bonus of £228,367, up 30% from the prior year.

Complete figures and ranges can be found in the report.

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