10 Tips To Secure Your Dream Hire


Start to close the deal from the first minute, don't leave it until the last second.


I often marvel at the superstar calibre of some of the candidates that walk through our doors. I am equally as often amazed at the inability of some clients to attract them. Clients should put their cards on the table early if they are interested in someone. Start to close the deal from the first minute, don’t leave it until the last second.

Here are ten ways in which a company can best promote their cause:

  1. Tell a story
    Create a narrative around the challenge, explain to them why you love working there and get them excited about the future potential. Describe their role within the story. Let them imagine it for themselves. They have the opportunity to write the next chapter.
  2. Be human.
    An interview should be a two-way fact-finding mission. If you adopt an open and friendly persona, then exploratory conversations are much easier. Candidates that are grilled go on the defensive.
  3. Understand their motivations 
    Listen to what is meaningful for the candidate. Outline the potential for the role. What challenges will the role be tackling? How does the company as a whole and that role, in particular, make a difference in the world? If you touch on what is important to them, their decision will be easier.
  4. Be honest with them
    Don’t just sell the positive point of the roles – offer a realistic assessment – candidates will make up their own minds. Ask not only what can the candidate do for the job, but what the job can do for the candidate.
  5. Treat them well
    Go out of your way to make the interview process an experience. Take them for a tour of the office. Invite them to an “impromptu” lunch with the team, give them every chance to dig deeper into what makes you such a great place to work. Woo them and wow them.
  6. Be committed
    For the senior roles, it is important that the CEO should play a role in the process, and not just from a final “rubber stamp” point of view. If they are seen to take a sincere interest in the person, maybe having an ad-hoc part in the process, the candidate will get the powerful message that the company cares.
  7. Differentiate
    Show the candidate the differences between you and your competitors. Top candidates will have multiple offers – make sure that yours stands out.
  8. Involve the boss early on
    It is well known that an employee’s relationship with their boss is the crucial aspect of anyone’s career. Even if the process is for an initial interview with HR, it is vital for the boss to somehow get involved as early as possible.
  9. Shorten the process
    Speed is of the essence with the best candidates. Not only will they get the impression that you are keen to hire them, you will also steal a march on your competitors. Why wait a week to hire someone when you understand after the first five minutes that they are perfect for you?
  10. Talk money early
    Don’t leave candidates guessing. Let them know the salary range for the role, talk to them about the package and let them have the carrot in front of them throughout the interview process. The best candidates should understand the potential rewards right from the start.

This process is not about persuasion; it is about passion. If they feel that the opportunity is right for them and they feel that they are right for you, then you have every chance of adding a great new person to your team.

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