The Weekender: What can we learn from Mugabe’s career?

Thirty-seven years has been the total tenure of Mugabe’s reign over Zimbabwe. However, many would argue that 2017 as the year of his resignation is too late and he has been out of his depth for at least decade or two. Politics is a job, in some ways like any other, and certainly, there are lessons to be learnt in terms of democratic process but is there also something we can glean from this to extend to our own careers?

The connection between the tyrannical ruler of a post-colonial African country and a career in the City may not immediately be abundantly clear. Mugabe like many city workers is extremely ambitious however as we have seen in Zimbabwe and continually see in the City, ambition doesn’t always equal success.

The city is a fiercely competitive landscape across an array of industries and we see many bright eyed, bushy tailed juniors entering the arena, only to fall short of their original lofty aspirations. Whilst aiming for the pinnacle of the financial institutions should be viewed as a positive and ambition is vital to a successful career, rather than aiming straight for the top and failing, taking realistic steps along the way will make your end goal more achievable and fulfilling.

To adopt a slightly overused analogy – would you rather be a top goal scorer within a Championship club, or be stuck on the bench in The Premiership?

If you’re committed to achieving a set of goals, you’ll do whatever is required to attain what you want most. You’ll start building, start learning, start growing and start adapting to become the person you need to be to reach that goal. Learning from your mistakes to ultimately be better at your job. Unfortunately for Mugabe, his commitment and drive to succeed in his job waivered long before his timely resignation.

At Dartmouth Partners it is not just our role to present a list of jobs and submit a CV to the institutions selected; our responsibility goes far beyond this. We’re here to understand you as an individual and guide you on how to build a long-lasting and fulfilling career. Sometimes this may mean making career choices which weren’t initially considerations, but in the long-term were the better choice. We will always have your best interests in mind and work with you along the way guiding you to the top.

Have a great weekend.


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