The Weekender: Business booming with nukes a’ looming

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you will undoubtedly feel some degree of alarm at the escalating tensions between the US and North Korea. With threats of nuclear war being tossed from East to West and back again like a sunny day on Centre Court, alongside Brexit uncertainty pervading the UK’s economy, one source of light has emerged: the recruitment market has not been this busy in at least a decade.

Funds have more money than ever (SoftBank’s $100bn tech fund is firm proof of that) and are constantly looking for new talent at the junior levels as well as bringing on experienced investors to help distribute their war-chests; banks are having record year after record year and continue to expand into uncharted areas. We’ve seen entire new teams emerge amongst established firms seeking to exploit new opportunities. Alongside efforts to retain their best talent, we’ve seen unprecedented demand from our client base to help fill headcount.

Though it might be well and good for us at Dartmouth to talk about how busy it is and how many opportunities there are in the market right now, many job seekers looking for their next role may feel frustrated at the lack of opportunities coming their way. If that’s you, here’s my message: DON’T PANIC. We are working on a variety of roles and, whilst inevitably some of them won’t be suitable for what you’re looking for, rest assured there are new opportunities arising daily.

If you’ve come to the decision that the time is right for a new role then we’re here to help. The market is more competitive from a candidate perspective than it has been for years and we place great value and pride in ensuring we only approach you with real, live mandates. Take a look at one of our recent blog posts for some excellent advice on how to communicate with recruiters to make yourself as accessible for when these opportunities inevitably arise.

Meanwhile if you’re the other side of the table and currently struggling to hire people into your team, don’t be too surprised if you’re experiencing challenges.

Have a good weekend.


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