MACRON: The Most Important Internship of His Career So Far

It is hard to deny the fact that a 39 year old man with his one year old independent political party, ‘En Marche!’, who then goes on to win the French Presidential Election can be described as nothing short of impressive. From growing up in Amiens, a town not too far from the Somme, to then developing a strong career in the Finance sector followed by working as an Investment Banker at Rothschild, Emmanuel Macron wasn’t the most obvious candidate for the bid.

Whilst 2/3 of France rejoices, and whilst Europe and the rest of the world sigh of relief, the next question that lies now is what will Macron do? How will he go about fulfilling his manifesto points? Who is going to be working alongside with him?

Indeed, I am sure (and I really hope) he won’t mess this up. Given that popularism is rising across Europe, the state of Europe is undeniably fragile.The National Front actually gained popularity throughout the election, despite the actual loss in the presidential bid. One could argue that it is important that now, Macron plays to his strengths and manages to control and tackle the main issues in France head-on such as the economic climate, state security and everything else in between. No pressure. In some ways, I wonder if he will feel a bit like me when he takes office this Sunday which leads me to introduce myself…

My name is Sian Boland and I have just started at Dartmouth Partners as an intern this summer. I’ve actually just moved back to London after spending my Year Abroad in Paris, funnily enough at a recruitment firm. I will be going back to University in September to finish the last year of my degree in English and French at Exeter. Naturally, I have grown somewhat attached to France, its culture, language, food, fashion, architecture, wine, patisseries… the list goes on. So when I left the country, bang in the middle of the first and second rounds of voting, I could not help but glue myself to the news on Sunday.

I am in no way insinuating that Emmanuel Macron is neither unsuited nor incapable, but I simply just wonder if he will feel a little like me. For example, my first experience in recruitment is a total of 10 months, 8 days and counting… Macron’s background is not one that we would describe political- only recently in the last year or so, and most notably since creating his movement ‘En Marche!’ has his role orientated more towards the politically focused side and less so the financial and economic side.

Equally, Macron has broken quite a significant record as he is the youngest President (to be) ever elected at the age of 39. I am 20 years old. We are both young in a sea of ‘older’ people, who are a lot more experienced and a lot wiser. I rely on the team around me for support and guidance. In the same way Macron will reply on his trusted advisors who, one can assume, will be more experienced in their areas.

I know that I am not the only intern out there, and certainly not this summer. The graduate team here at DP understands that over the next couple of weeks, exams will be winding up and students or graduates will be going onto the next step in their careers. Whether it be summer internships or starting their graduate jobs, we want to remind you that it’s okay and completely normal to ask for help and advice. Personally, this took me a while to work out, and sometimes I learnt it the hard way, but it truly is the only way that you can learn or improve. You will have a line manager, a team and many friendly faces around you who will be expecting you to ask questions. After all, they were all in the same boat as you once. Don’t forget, even the President of France will be seeking out help and advice, so questions don’t really ever stop… not even when you are running a country. Well, unless you’re Trump.

All this said, I seem to be handling it all fairly well (well at least I hope) and whilst the challenge that lies ahead of me at Dartmouth is a lot less pertinent than that of Macron, I wish him all the best with what will be an enormous challenge, and I am looking forward to seeing how it will all unfold over the next 5 years.

Bon weekend à  tous!

P.S. (if all else fails Macron, see our current assignments below).


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