Dartmouth Partners are committed to providing equal opportunities in both recruitment practices and their own employment. We do not tolerate unlawful discrimination in our own employees or the recruitment process for both candidates and clients.

Dartmouth Partners will avoid unlawful discrimination in all aspects of employment including recruitment, promotion, opportunities for training, pay and benefits, discipline and selection for redundancy.  Alongside this we aim to ensure that all candidates for employment are treated fairly, and that selection is founded on the individual’s qualifications and abilities alone. Every process must result in the selection of the most suitable person for the job with regard to ability and qualifications.

Our Code of Conduct:

1. Initial Screening 

The screening process will be executed consistently for all of our mandates at any level. Role qualifications or requirements which would inhibit applications from members of particular groups (for example; marital status, sex, age, sexual orientation, disability or persons of particular racial groups) will not be demanded or imposed except if they are proven to be justifiable by the nature of the job to be carried out.

2. Selection

The selection process will be executed consistently for all mandates at any level. All of our employees must be aware of the Disability Discrimination Act, the Race Relations Act, the Sex Discrimination Act and any other relevant legislation. The selection of suitable candidates will be based solely on the role requirements and the individual’s ability to do, and suitability for, the job. Information sought from candidates will only relate to particular qualifications and information regarding what is required for the specific mandate.

3. Advertising

Our Advertisements will be widely accessible in order to encourage maximum exposure to all suitably qualified and experienced individuals. In order to ensure applications from all areas of the population, Dartmouth Partners will endeavour to make certain that advertisements are not presented in such a way to restrict, exclude or disproportionately reduce applications from any gender or racial group. We will not impose requirements that would discriminate against marital status, sex, age, sexual orientation, disability or persons of particular racial groups

4. Interviewing 

All staff responsible for interviewing, evaluating and ultimately representing candidates to a client will be clearly informed and fully understand the need for consistency. In any interview situation all questions will relate to the role or particular roles in discussion and be appropriate to the selection criteria. No questions will be based upon assumptions on home or family situation, or suitability of any ethnic groups for the role in question. If it is necessary to assess whether personal circumstances will affect performance in the role in question (e.g. If the role requires constant travel or irregular hours) this will only be discussed objectively and will be asked consistently of all candidate interviewed. In the case of disabled candidates who identify themselves at the screening stage we will make every effort to provide appropriate interview arrangements to enable candidates to compete equally.

At Dartmouth Partners compliance with this Statement is mandatory and responsibility rests with all Directors and employees.  Every employee is required to assist the Company to meet its commitment to provide equal opportunities in employment and avoid unlawful discrimination.

Our procedures and practices are kept under constant review so as to ensure that this policy is being followed and to make certain that we do not include requirements or conditions which constitute, or may lead to, unlawful discrimination.