Forward thinking companies, large or small, recognise the need to home-grow their own talent pipeline. Few have the resources or expertise to do it successfully.

Dartmouth Partners’ approach has been refined and honed. From detailed screening, testing and in-depth technical and competency based interviews, we spend the time to identify the most promising graduates every year.

We divide our graduate offering into three main areas:

Outsourced Campaigns

We can look after any aspect of your graduate scheme – from marketing to final assessment and everything in between.

“Top-up” Service

Supplement your own graduate recruitment efforts via our candidate network. We’re on hand when your pipelines need a boost.


Tap into our network and expertise for individual hires throughout the year.

This is not a one size fits all product. We spend a lot of time with our clients to understand the profiles that will fit. We believe that nurture is vital at early stages of a career and that investing in this is both a social good and makes economic sense.

Every placement is as important to us as it is for the candidate and the client.

Along with freeing up valuable time and resource within your firm, here are just some of the reasons why many clients entrust their recruitment to us:

  1. Meet a more diverse range of intelligent and talented graduates
  2. Evaluate and process new hires in a more efficient, cost-effective manner
  3. Compete with bigger brand name employers in getting the best graduates available
  4. Access strategic input into marketing, event planning and assessment best practice
  5. We adopt a flexible structure and approach, working on both a contingent and retained basis, tailored according to each client’s needs.