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Performance Under Pressure

Working in a high-pressure environment can be demanding enough, but adding in the challenge of navigating one or more interview processes dials things up significantly.  We’ve certainly noticed things getting busier through the start of this year, and the market … Continued

Chasing Greatness

As much as I look forward to the Olympic opening ceremony when it comes around every four years, the real event is clearly what follows when the inaugural celebrations pass and the sport begins: historic moments like Mo Farah’s attempt at the ‘double … Continued

Hire Racehorses and Let Them Run

Hiring racehorses (top talent) for your business is only the first step. Without the freedom to race, they will never reach their full potential. Too many business leaders hire top talent only to lead them at their own pace and in … Continued

Start Thinking In 50 Shades of Grey

The world of business is driven by shades of grey (no sniggers about the book please, the phrase was the only one that came to mind). There are always varying degrees of success and varying degrees of failure. Those with … Continued

Do What You Were Made For

Do you ever get that feeling that you are not quite fulfilling your potential? Your job may pay the bills, but there is no spark every time you walk into the office. You may be the envy of your friends, … Continued