What does Dartmouth Partners do?

We are an independent recruitment firm focussing on junior to mid-level assignments within financial services, consultancy and corporates.
Every year the graduate team manages a number of graduate and internship campaigns on behalf of our clients across investment banking, asset management, consultancy and beyond.

Our experienced hire team help candidates make their next career move across a range of industries.

Additionally, candidates send their CVs to us, which we keep on record and where appropriate will contact them regarding suitable roles.

What exactly can Dartmouth Partners do for me as a graduate?

Ultimately, we will aim to help you wherever possible. We like to maintain relationships and endeavour to fully understand what each candidate is looking for.

We meet every candidate that we put forward to a client and give constructive and honest feedback in first round interviews in order to help you progress.

Who are your clients?

We do not distribute a list of our clients but the sectors we cover include investment banking, asset management, private equity, strategic consultancy and corporates.

Do you still work with those who have graduated or only with university students?

The graduate team work with second and third year undergraduates looking to gain an internship as well as final year students and recent graduates looking for full time graduate positions.

If you have been working for more than a year post university we would usually refer you to the relevant team on the experienced hire side of the business.

Who will my first round interview be with?

If you can attend we will usually hold first round interviews at Dartmouth Partners with one or more of our consultants. If you live abroad or cannot come to our offices, we will conduct a telephone interview.

How formal is the first round interview?

It is formal; you will be expected to arrive on time in business attire and have researched the company you will be interviewing for. You can expect the meeting to last for around an hour.