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The Weekender: Realising “The Power of Parity”

The Women on Boards review has detailed the progress of organisations in promoting gender diversity at a leadership level in their recent annual report. The review, which was headed by Philip Hampton, GSK chairman, and Helen Alexander, the former chair of UBM, aims to … Continued

The Weekender: Cronuts vs Cash

Perks and benefits for staff members have become increasingly popular in the job market, with companies presumably alive to the fact that news of their generosity will not just be spread through word of mouth but also be Instagrammed (notice … Continued

The Weekender: Relocation, Relocation!

Earlier this year, London retained its crown as the world’s top financial centre, so why are so many finance graduates shunning the metropolis in favour of places like Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham? In recent years, the number of graduates entering investment … Continued

The Weekender: Short Circuit

‘Oi, Mum, she’s broken into the sherry cabinet again!’ is what I said when my Nan told me it was popular when she was growing up in the 1920s to listen to magic shows on the wireless. It sounded ludicrous to … Continued