BBC gender pay gap – finally, some good news!

A focal issue in the press this week has been the gender pay gap within the BBC’s recently published ‘top-earner’ list. While it is neither within my expertise nor my remit to analyse in any real detail the content of that list, perhaps the reader will draw an inference from the public’s reaction.

Here’s my take on it. This shouldn’t have come as a surprise. We’ve long known that parts of our society have been getting a bad deal in the professional world. Pope Francis even had a whole ‘thing’ about it in 2015. The Beeb dealt themselves a bad hand in publishing only their highest paid’s salaries. In actuality, the BBC’s gender pay gap (10%) falls far below the national average (18%). That’s not to say that they’re deserving of a gold star on this topic, there clearly remains a serious amount of work to be done. As long as an imbalance exists, society must ask questions. Though people in glass houses shouldn’t necessarily throw stones…

Earlier this year, The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 quietly entered into force. From April 2018 onwards, every organisation with more than 250 employees will be required to publish their gender pay gap data. It won’t be as personal as with the Beeb (which I for one am pleased about, I wish I’d never learnt what that smug chap Nick Grimshaw takes home), though it will be equally telling. In all honesty, I’m pleased that it was a high-profile case like this that brought the topic back into the public eye. Let’s consider this the ‘celebrity launch’ of the Regulations and a renewed kick in the rear to come up with strategies and policies that finally tackle this issue. Struggling for ideas? Get in contact.

Have a good weekend,

Akshay Nayak

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