Are recruiters really that bad?

Today marks the last day of my final week of my summer internship with Dartmouth Partners. Since starting my business degree two years ago, I wanted to give recruitment a try, so I joined Dartmouth for the summer. Very soon, I realised that my friends and people around me had a very critical perception of the recruitment industry thanks to the tales of cowboy recruiters that plague the city.

So what do people really think about recruiters? Usually, you’d hear statements like “candidates are never the priority, only the client who pays is” or “they never get back to you once you become less interesting to them”. Not exactly what I had imagined, really. Nevertheless, I joined Dartmouth with an open-minded attitude and was quickly convinced of the opposite.

From the very beginning, it was clear to me that candidates are as much of a priority as the clients. Of course, good relationships with clients are important to make a name in this industry, but during my tenure I have learned that it doesn’t have to mean that our candidates are less important. And you should still be a priority even if you are not the right fit for a role. For me, that was the point that made Dartmouth stand out. We keep in touch with our candidates due to the relationships that have been forged by getting to know them in order to give accurate and tailored career advice – this happens because Dartmouth tries to not force a square peg into a round hole

Now, in my last week here I can confidently say that it was a pleasure to work for a company that is really living its vision. I can assure, not all recruiters are some unreliable creatures who spend their day throwing around CVs, some of them really care about your career. I know Dartmouth are in growth mode and would like to hire, so if you’d like to find out more, please have a look here.

Have a good weekend.

Sophie Twesten

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