Like every business we work for, hiring great people is critical to our success. Far too many people fall into recruitment when faced with a lack of alternative options. We only employ consultants who themselves are well-educated, bright and inter-personally strong so they have the capacity to listen to customer requirements, process these requirements analytically, and then exhibit the necessary creative flair and attention to detail to deliver outstanding recruitment solutions.

Why Join Us?

We find it slightly sad that our values of absolute honesty and transparency should be competitive advantages – but they are.

We believe in conducting business in a mature and honest manner.  While the recruitment industry has not always set sufficiently high standards for integrity and openness, we believe honesty is the first basic pre-requisite of any relationship and we will always be truthful to our customers, relaying both good news and bad.

We aim to respond promptly and courteously at all times.  We will be open about what work we are actually doing ‘behind the scenes’ and try to lift the veil that surrounds the work of recruiters.  And, in return, we expect to be treated by clients and candidates with the same responsiveness and courtesy.  In addition:

  • We believe in cultivating long-term relationships with clients and candidates
  • We believe that investing, nurturing and mentoring early to mid-stage professionals is a duty and a force for social good
  • We believe that careers advice should be impartial, honest and fair
  • We want to work with companies that share these values and want to treat their staff in a manner that supports point #1
  • We believe that our opportunity exists to be the first firm to evolve from being purely a transactional recruitment business, to more a lifelong manager of talent- helping people grow from Classroom to Boardroom
  • We would rather sacrifice a fee in the short-term than allow our professional reputation for quality or objectiveness to suffer in the long-term
  • We enjoy our work and expect to have fun with the customers we work with

We currently have the following positions available:

  1. M&A x 1: Graduate or experienced consultant with 1 year +
  2. Private equity x 2 : Graduate or experienced consultant with 1 – 5 years +
  3. Strategy and Operational Consulting: Experienced consultant with 2 years +
  4. Corporate strategy/ corporate development – Graduate or experienced consultant 1 year +
  5. Hedge funds : experienced consultant with 4 years +
  6. Equities team x 1: Experienced consultant (with up to 2 years’ experience)
  7. Graduate team x 2:  ideally a first bouncer, preferably with some previous work experience or a fresh Graduate – to apply please click here.
  8. Legal team: we are looking for people to join our new launched legal division at all levels
  9. Frankfurt: our Frankfurt office are looking for experienced consultants to cover consulting, asset management and private equity. We are also looking to add an additional graduate to the team.
  10. In addition, we are also looking for Principals or Directors within the Equities, Hedge fund, PE, M&A, Graduate and Strategy consulting space.

If you think you fit the bill then please get in touch. Know someone who does? Refer them on and if we hire them, we’ll send you an iPad Mini or treat you to a special event with £250 of Red Letter Day vouchers.

If you would like to hear more please send your CV to