2018 Gen Z Hiring Report – What Matters?

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Here at Dartmouth Partners we’re wrapping up another busy graduate recruitment season. While some work remains to be done, our clients are happy to have navigated this year’s ‘war for talent’ largely unscathed and with some impressive young juniors onboard. Yet it won’t be long before minds turn to the Class of ‘19 and the next round of graduate hiring. Hidden in the conversations and the lessons learned from the many bright and ambitious graduates over the last six months, we have managed to uncover the key to 2018’s recruitment season.

The nuts and bolts
In addition to our first-hand observations, we released a survey to our network of students and recent graduates to get their take on the job search and how they view the recruitment process; what makes them tick and what grinds their gears? We had a total of almost 600 responses and, due to the nature of our candidate pool, most of the participants are targeting careers within financial services. The individuals who took part came from various academic backgrounds and are at different stages in their job search, however, despite the diversity in profiles, our results revealed some uncomfortable truths and consensus in opinion. The findings certainly provide food for thought and hammer home the “dos and don’ts” in a hiring process, which can easily be forgotten. This report specifically looks at the applicants currently identified as Gen Z. Those that are born approximately between 1995 – 2012.

Attraction is key
From the frenetic start to this year you’re probably all too aware that business is booming in London again. For as long as this lasts, companies will demand the very best employees to enable them to make the most of the market. Yet one of the things that is often overlooked in the haste to bring new people on board is that recent grads have options, now more than ever. For you to compete for their attention you’ll need to dedicate time and energy into genuine engagement with students – that means some serious thinking about the brand-building and messaging you want to transmit to the market. It means a high-touch and highly efficient process with quick communication and feedback. It means allowing candidates the chance to get to know you to make a considered decision on their future. You might be looking for someone to plug a gap right now, but for the first time in a long time we’re seeing graduates looking for the right company for the longer term – the bad news is, they won’t stop interviewing until they find it. The good news, however, is that – according to the results from our survey – once through the door, graduates are much more committed to a firm than their media-fueled reputation suggests.

Their ambition, your advantage
We’re all familiar with the rhetoric of demanding and self-centred Gen Zers holding their bosses to ransom. When your team is busy and there’s barely enough bandwidth to do your day job, being told that you have to work even harder to keep Gen Z’s motivated must be the last thing you want to hear. Yet this attitude does provide all employers with a real opportunity – a chance to take a step back and think comprehensively about the culture that you are fostering and the quality of people required to achieve long-term goals.

In turn, the graduates you hire should be viewed as future leaders of the business and it pays to invest in their future and development, rather than mistakenly treat them as a quick fix. If there aren’t enough hours in the day for you to devise tailored solutions to these problems then get in touch with the team here at Dartmouth Partners, and we’ll help you to design a programme worth shouting about – we’d love to help.


Terri Loska, Director
Graduate Recruitment