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Is your environment optimising your career?

This week marked the unremarkable end of what should have been a glittering career for England’s all-time top goalscorer, Wayne Rooney. We all remember him starting off with a bang in Euro 2004, scoring 4 goals in the group stages … Continued

Are You Having Second Thoughts?

Congratulations, you’ve been awarded the transfer to Hong Kong!  Your firm will fly you in business class and house you in a palatial waterfront apartment with panoramic views. Additionally, they will shoulder the burden and cost of transporting your possessions, … Continued

Are you the Usain Bolt of the City?

Have a look around your office, hopefully there are a few star performers. You’ll probably find that there are a few similarities that differentiates your average joe from your office’s Richard Branson. What is it? What are they doing differently? With … Continued

Are recruiters really that bad?

Today marks the last day of my final week of my summer internship with Dartmouth Partners. Since starting my business degree two years ago, I wanted to give recruitment a try, so I joined Dartmouth for the summer. Very soon, … Continued