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Should You Sacrifice Profit For Values?

It is a tough choice for any business owner or manager when you find yourself in conflict- profit vs values, short term pain vs long term gain? What’s the best course of action? In a market that continues to accelerate, … Continued

Hiring for the X-Factor

It is a brand of light entertainment that captures the imaginations of the nation, and an enduring phenomenon, whose light is unlikely to fade any time soon. The hitherto unknown individual walks onto the stage. Sometimes nervously, sometimes with a … Continued

Better to chase or be chased?

As the sun set on Augusta National on Sunday evening, golf’s elite bid farewell to the meticulously preened greens for another year. The man going home in the coveted Green Jacket – Jordan Speith. What makes him so special? Well, … Continued

Props To The Comeback Kid

As we head into Easter, the message of sacrifice and hope are prominent. Triumph in adversity, life after death. The greatest comeback of all time. All of us at some point will face adversity. The potential for overcoming it is … Continued