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The Weekender : End of Q1 scorecard

We’re almost at the end of the quarter, and what a start to the year it’s been. It’s been the fastest, most buoyant start we’ve experienced for years. Encouragingly, activity is not concentrated in just one area. All divisions of … Continued

The Weekender: Breaking up is never easy

With bonus pay day for most people being either very recent or imminent, and the opportunities out there for junior bankers being many and varied, the big day for a lot of people will be in the offing. For the … Continued

The Weekender: One benefit of nationalising the banks?

With international Women’s day tomorrow, the issue of ‘Women in the workplace’ has been prevalent across the media. Financial Services has always been perceived as a male dominated environment, but it seems one of our part-nationalised banks is taking a … Continued