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The Weekender: We’ve only just begun

What a year it has been for us here at Dartmouth Partners… We have grown from a small nine person company to a multi (two!) award winning, 19 person company, which has cemented its place in the recruitment industry. As … Continued

The Weekender: Death of the Alpha Male?

Two weeks ago, on the way to a client meeting a colleague and I walked past a men’s clothes store. Having a keen eye for fashion (Richard) and being somewhat nosy (me), we both peered into the window and noted … Continued

The Weekender: Can we end it? Yes, we can.

The US is in quite a fix isn’t it?  A standoff between the President and the Republicans has ensued, leaving us to wonder if this political gridlock will give any time soon. Gridlock; a word no-one wants to hear, often … Continued